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Every Lupo is unique,
like a jewel on your fingers

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Lupo is a memory for the senses

Cut like precious stones, we convert the finest leather from the Pyrenees in exclusive handbags. Our iconic Abanico, built with over five thousand stitches and several days of craftsmanship, is the expression of Lupo.


Since 1920 crafting
the best quality leather.

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Lupo is timeless

Faithful to Gaudí design guidelines, Lupo conceives each creation through forms that follow function, structures extended from inside out, according to the needs of whom will use each piece. Organic structure, ​​pieces built by the desire of reaching utility without any obstacle.

Nothing is art if it does not come from nature.

Antoni Gaudí

Lupo is Barcelona

Lupo is like a Journey in Barcelona. Unexplainable. A love song. A passion for life and beauty.

Lupo is a Journey

Witness of your daily work, companion on escapades, secret’s keeper, accomplice to surprises. Handle that increases confidence, shield and support, holder of goals and dreams. Faithful.

Never to go on trips with anything you do not love.

Ernest Hemingway

Lupo is art

We gather what's close to us: the sensuality of the Mediterranean, where we are from, and a European taste, but our aim is to belong to the world, and Art is how we join its diversity.

This Season in our Stores:
Eyaculation Flower #1

Rachel Valdés Camejo
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SS15 the collection

The new SS15 has been designed and produced aiming lithe handbags.
These new collection is spacious but not overly bulky, structured but flexible, valid for the city and any territory.

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Limited Editions By Lupo

We have choosen the diamond as representation​ of​ Lupo because in itself​ ​reflects the essence of nature and ​the ​men's ability to create beauty working a ​unique material​.

Abanico Diamonds

limited editions

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Lupo exceptional savoir-faire and the use of natural products is the perfect match for the durability of our handbags.
Lupo is born upon the nature. One intuits it. It is in the aire and on the earth.

LUPO is Natural